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B2B Cold Prospecting in Asia

B2B Cold Propspecting in Asia
B2B Lead Generation for Better Sales Pipeline in Asia
B2B cold lead generation activity is one of the most challenging activity in sales and/or marketing. Simply calling prospects in hopes of that high quality lead is usually the domain of a superstar that you would read about or see in the movies. Most will not have the gift of the gap so it may be worth to consider tactical approaches in order to enhance results when soliciting for positive responses in an offer.
3 Approaches to Cold Prospecting for Higher Quality Leads
Have an activity based plan
Plan for an activity that will illicit responses in different buying stages. Say you plan to hold a small event. Events don’t have to big, in fact, most niche events that addresses key issues will be most meaning for engagement. These days hosting a webcast with a quality presenter can be very good for the budget and yet still be effective. In Asia, most participants will not outright ask questions during the webcast event so a smart way around this is to prepare a handful of questions that the audience will resonant and then follow through post event. Prepare the survey questions in advance which is then highlighted during the event in order to prep the audience . Next, have survey emailed to attendees and to no-shows as well. Reward those who participated and those who did not give them a call.
Cold Emailing
Most cold email campaign will have low success rates if it’s just the regular “Hi, I’m so-and-so and I like to introduce..” However, a cold email campaign can still be effective if it is used to get an engagement that will be meaningful to the target audience. Choose a topic that is most challenging and solutions may not be easily found. Conducting a research on these key challenges will prompt interests as they will a vested interest in what the community as a whole thinks. Research findings should be shared and comments should be regarded as well.
B2B cold emailing prospecting in Asia is perhaps no different to other parts of the world so most professional ethics apply. Sending cold email for leads prospecting are generally permitted in Asia but be presently updated on the latest requirements for compliance in your target country in Asia.
Putting all together. Degree of Touches
Most B2B lead generation programmes requiring varying degree of engagement or touches. A cold prospect will need a lot of time and resources to begin with yet getting them into your fold should be part of business plan for long term growth. With limited resources, most will just let the ball drop and focus on low hanging fruits forgetting to put into process for cold B2B leads prospecting.Here is where a third party B2B lead generation company can help mitigate demands yet deliver long term results without putting too much strain in budgets and resources. A high impact activity usually requires much flow through and follow up which means higher headcounts where businesses these days find harder to justify especially with duration programmes. Outsourcing to an experienced company will offer flexibility with ability to trim when budgets reduced but yet project quality remains intact.