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B2B Marketing Data of Asia

Marketing data for growth in Asia

If you are looking for a hub in Asia to expand then Singapore offers one of the best connectivity and infrastructure for companies to expand in the region and beyond. According to the Economic Board of Singapore, 46%of Asia Regional HQs are based in Singapore across multiple industries.
There are 14 industry segments with about 37,400 international companies operating out of Singapore, as well as 7,000 multinational corporations.

Just beyond the city state in South East Asia are about 640 million  people eager to enhance to middle-class lifestyles in the next decade or so. Although S.E Asians countries are disparate in languages and cultures, commerce has unified people and policies to bring about long lasting benefits like lifting poverty, better medical services and education. Sustainable infrastructure developments linking ASEAN countries are already in the early stages of policy discussion while innovation and talent development have been enhanced.

Opportunities continue to abound in S.E Asia and it is no secret that growth minded companies will be looking for ways to build network and customers locally.
Acquiring new network of leads in Asia can be resource intensive taxing your sales and marketing staffs with lower productive tasks as in cold lead generation would be.
One way to get hold of contact lists of your targeted industry and customer profile is to acquire a white list with basic information. Such a lists can be used for marketing such event invitation or even opportunity discovery.

We are able to supply contact database list for your B2B marketing campaigns in Asia at a reasonable cost. For more details call +65 6874-0260.

For more details call +65 6874-0260.