Business Leads

Business leads in B2B marketing requires planning and proper management in business contacts to ensure desirable outcome in sales funnel.

Key Areas include:

  • Updated contact database list of target markt
  • Proper messaging with concise call-to-action
  • Good platform for delivery of messages via email or web-based interfaces like linkedin, twitter or facebook.
  • Prompt interactions with prospects either via text or voice.
  • High level of feedback with marketing and sales teams.

Outsourcing Marketing Services and Lead generation

Outsourcing marketing services to a local agency for your business leads programs can be beneficial in both short and long term as you will receive support from flexible sources of support to help meet your business goals and budget requirement. Intercall Marketing Services offer a comprehensive range of marketing solutions to help generate qualified business leads via multiple marketing tactics using email, database list marketing, event management, outbound call as well digital marketing for a comprehensive coverage. 

If you require an experienced marketing resource with over 10 years of B2B marketing with focus in Technology industry in Asia covering countries such as in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia,  and Australia, do check Intercall Marketing Services out.

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