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Generating Quality B2B sales leads in Asia

Generating Quality b2b sales leads in Asia

One of the main challenges in most mid to large-sized companies operating in Asia is the disparate geography followed by its languages and cultures. Although English remains the main course for B2B communication however quality discussion is a hit-and-miss in many instances.

Generating online leads through marketing campaigns in Asia is no different from anywhere else in the world but a large part of activity will be focused on direct communication either via calling or face-to-face interaction. It is widely known that Asians are reserved so it will take time to develop and understand a prospect’s need and requirements. A good way to gather information is to ask questions without being too intrusive. Plan for a series of surveys that progressively draw them in for meaning discussions. Again, remember this will take time to establish a level of trust where each step will be built upon and finally into a solid sales opportunity.

Although there are plenty of options to automate leads progression but most of the task that will move leads to higher quality is manual. If time and resources are limiting factors in progressing your leads funnel, then consider outsourcing those in early stages.

Marketing agency can help in building links in early stages of leads nurturing using emails, social media and direct calls. Agency can be particularly useful when lead volume spike dues to a major event or campaign where internal resources will be stretch thin. Consider agency that has capabilities across Asia as well as those experienced in B2B leads funneling processes.

Some key factors in developing healthy leads funneling processes is to deploy some lead scoring rule based on the BANT criteria. Working closely with these requirements will ensure high quality leads for sales to work on.

In conclusion, developing high quality leads in Asia requires a little more focus in country specific resources for direct touches. A well-trained local resource can help drive better results by providing important feedback. Last, but not least, use a local agency for seasonal spikes to better manage your leads flow in a timely manner without breaking your budget.